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Dissertation and Capstone Project

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a research document that students write in order to obtain an advanced degree. It is the most important piece of writing that a doctoral student will produce during their academic career, and it typically represents a culmination of years of original research.

What goes into a dissertation?

There are typically three main components to a dissertation:

The introduction

Here’s where you establish the case for your project. The introduction should fit within the larger contexts of your field, including issues that have been addressed by previous research.

A literature review

This is where you provide a comprehensive survey of scholarship on your topic. You’ll cover many different perspectives, sometimes clashing with each other, to show how they all relate back to or inform your argument in some way.

Methodology and Theoretical framework

Finally, this section will describe the methodology (research approach) you used to investigate the problem at hand (e.g., qualitative interviews), as well as make clear what theoretical lens guided your overall inquiry (e.g., queer theory).

You can probably guess that the introduction is generally shorter than the literature review, which often takes up half of a dissertation. The methodology and theoretical framework section is typically about 25%.

How long is a dissertation?

A dissertation varies in length depending on your academic discipline, but they tend to run between 100-400 pages. Some disciplines might also require you to create an appendix of additional materials, such as copies of surveys or transcripts from interviews. However, we encourage our scholars to focus on their intended audience rather than word count when creating their own work.

For example: If you’re writing for a business audience who won’t care about historical details (such as dates and names), then there’s no need to add them into the text itself!

How do you write a dissertation?

Creating an Outline

Professors recommends creating a dissertation outline, which should include all major sections of the work. This also facilitates writing the defense speech because it allows for easy access to information during that time.

Think of each section as its own paper or chapter, with content relevant to the overall topic at hand. Each section should have its own introduction and conclusion. Also, make sure to include subheadings throughout the body paragraphs – this makes reading easier for professors who are grading your paper later on!

Selecting a Topic

Before starting your dissertation, you need a thesis statement explaining what you intend to prove in your document. After selecting a topic you must figure out how many resources (books, articles) can be used for the research. The final decision about the subject must be confirmed by the advisor.

Doctoral candidates usually have a great deal of freedom when it comes to selecting a dissertation topic. However, that doesn’t mean that you can write about anything you want. In fact, most professors will require that you submit a thesis proposal before starting your research in order to ensure that your topic is relevant and manageable within the scope of your degree program.

Once you’ve selected a topic, it’s important to do some preliminary research in order to get a sense of what has already been written on the subject. It’s also important to identify any potential sources of information (books, articles, interviews, etc.) that could be used for your research. You may also need to consult with professors or other experts, depending on the nature of your topic.

Doing the Research

Now it’s time to start researching! One important point to remember is that you should never plagiarize any information for your dissertation. That means that everything you write must be backed up by credible sources – whether they are published books, journal articles, or websites.

You will also need to spend hours reading through all of this information in order to determine if there are gaps in the existing literature. This may require renting several books from a library rather than buying them since many libraries allow students to rent textbooks for relatively cheap prices.

You’ll also want to make sure that all of your sources are credible – it’s fine to cite Wikipedia, for example, but not if your entire work is based on information from that site!

Writing the Paper

This part of the process will be different depending on what type of paper you’re writing. Your dissertation committee will let you know which conventions to follow when writing each section of your dissertation.

It’s best to ask them about this at the very beginning of your program before you actually start working on any drafts or final copies. They may also have a preferred style manual they would like you to use (APA, Chicago/Turabian). Many universities provide a general formatting guide for students as well.

Getting Feedback and Revising

Don’t forget to get feedback from your advisor and committee members throughout the writing process! They can help you make sure that your document is on track, and that you’re meeting all of the requirements for your degree.

Remember, the goal is to produce a high-quality piece of work that will make you proud – it’s ok to revise and edit several times before submitting the final product.

Getting a Ph.D. is not an easy task by any means, but it’s definitely doable with hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience! Following these steps should help you stay on track and produce a dissertation that will make you proud. Best of luck!

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